Harold Import Reindeer Nutcracker


Harold Import Reindeer Nutcracker

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Harold Import ReindeerĀ Nutcracker

Bring festive fun to holiday traditions at home and year round, too. With an extra-long lever, this whimsical fellow offers plenty of leverage to effortlessly crack the hardest of shells and free the delicate meat inside without it becoming damaged. Fun and functional, it’s perfect for opening almonds, walnuts, pecans, brazil nuts, filberts, hazelnuts, and more (from .5-inch to 1.5-inch in diameter).
So easy to use. Simply raise the lever and place a nut in the well. Then, press downward on the lever until the shell cracks open. A great addition to kitchen gadgets for food preparation and holiday baking, and party supplies to brighten any dining occasion, from lunch or brunch, holiday meals, party buffets, even outdoor entertaining. Decorative yet useful gadgets and gizmos help bring more joy to family gatherings, and make clever gifts, too!
Made from heavyweight aluminum, for durability, with a heat-cured coating that won’t peel, scratch, or chip.
FDA approved and Prop 65 compliant. HIC’s Reindeer Nutcracker is sturdy, functional, and fun to display on the counter or table. Compact for easy storage.
Easy to clean. Just wipe with a damp cloth. Hand wash in warm, soapy water as needed, and dry thoroughly.


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