Harold Import (HIC) Turkey Lacer Kit


Harold Import (HIC) Turkey Lacer Kit

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Harold Import (HIC) Turkey Lacer Kit

HIC’s Turkey Lacer Kit is specially designed to secure stuffing inside of poultry and meat during the cooking process. It’s a must-have of cooking supplies for roasting stuffed turkey or chicken, cooking Italian braciole, crab-stuffed flounder, stuffed rabbit, pheasant, quail, and more. To secure stuffed meat, insert the stainless steel pins across the cavity opening, lace it closed with the cotton butcher’s twine and follow cooking instructions. When done, simply remove the easy-pull pins to release the butcher’s twine and present the spectacular masterpiece for carving at family gatherings and holiday meals. HIC’s Turkey Lacer Kit is food safe and oven safe. Stainless steel pins are reusable. Simply wash in warm, soapy water. Butcher’s twine is intended for single use only and not for direct exposure to flame, like grilling.

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