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Lumizu Chi CHi White

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Lumizu Chi CHi White Our scroll design Chi Chi White Lumizu™ flameless luminary creates the romantic, elegant, or festive atmosphere you want with none of the risks of a burning candle.

Lumizu™ uses innovative LED tea lights and strong, thin transparent votive containers which are decorated with the modern, sleek graphic designs Modgy is known for. Designed for indoor and outdoor entertaining, Lumizu™ luminaries have the look of glass but are completely shatterproof, which means they are safe to use beside the pool or hot tub, on the lawn or patio, in the bathroom or bedroom or anywhere else there are bare feet. The water-activated LED light turns off once removed from the water, and unlike a burning candle, it can’t be blown out by the wind, catch anything on fire or drip hot wax on furniture or unsuspecting skin. EACH LUMIZU CONTAINS 4 LUMINARY LANTERNS, AND 4 WATER ACTIVATED LED CANDLES. BATTERIES INCLUDED.

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